Our customers publish thousands of books, magazines, catalogs, manuals, technical and commercial documents every day. The production capacity of Şekil  Ofset continues to grow rapidly with its facility equipped with innovative and technological machinery. Our industrial strategy, based on a regular investment policy, is long-term and supported by leading suppliers.

Choosing Şekil Offset means choosing the safety. Our goal is to provide assurance in the face of unforeseen situations with a production facility that combines all production modules within itself. Regardless of the conditions, it is our indispensable principle to deliver on time. Our network of printing presses, cutting, folding and binding are all connected to the same system in our facility ensuring the best and the fastest result of production.

We manage all production steps, from paper and cardboard to the finished product, under one roof and  produce faster solutions for you accordingly. We strive to provide the highest quality service not only as a luxury hard box and packaging manufacturer, but also as a solution partner for you with our knowledge and experience. Above all, we continue to improve ourselves in order to produce quality products. We look forward to fulfilling your requests with top quality service and products. Our consultants determine the most suitable product for you after carrying out R&D based on your needs and present it to you.